Entlebucher Mountain Dogs – Ambassadors of Love

Karen and Branwen 28 aug 2012Once an Entlebucher has captured your heart, you will never be the same. These loyal, intelligent and easy-to-train dogs are not for everyone, but if you have found your way here, perhaps you are ready to be smitten by the smallest of the four tri-colored Swiss Mountain Dog breeds, which include the Bernese, the Greater Swiss and the Appenzeller.

For 17 years I have had the great privilege of breeding these wonderful creatures for families across North America. Some of the earliest members of our extended “dog family” have contacted me years later, looking to adopt a second or even a third Entlebucher puppy to continue their love affair which began with the first one.

I invite you to peruse this website, and then listen carefully to your heart.

Please note: We do NOT dock tails and have not since 1997 in accordance with the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

Latest news

Puppies arriving late May and early June 2014

We will be welcoming two litters of Entlebucher Mountain Dog puppies this spring: one from Moratel Sweetie Josefina (Canada) in late May and the second from Sandy aka Lady du Bois du Foyard (Swiss) in early June. Sire of both litters is Ballyhara’s Koh-I-Noor (Slovakia) aka “Koko”. Puppies will be ready to go from late July 2014 to early August 2014. The reservation list is still open but filling up quickly. Please contact us to schedule a telephone interview. Puppies can be picked up in Nova Scotia, or safely shipped anywhere in North America. Upon request, special arrangements can be made for pick-up in the USA.

Moratel Entlebucher Mountain Dogs – Annual CERF Exam 2014

One of the requirements of ethical breeding is to have the dogs’ eyes examined annually by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. I have been consulting for many years with Dr. Cheryl Cullen of Cullen-Webb Animal Eye Specialists in New Brunswick. Dr. Cullen travels to Halifax, Nova Scotia on a regular basis, saving the dogs and their people hours of travel. On April 6, we met Dr. Cullen at Fairview Animal Hospital where she performed the CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) exam on our seven dogs.  The dogs’ eyes have an unusual appearance as they are temporarily dilated with drops.

 From left to right: Janet with Paris, Greg with Salsa, Geoff with Sweetie and Sandy, Arielle with River (in her Thundershirt) and Albert with Pepper and Koko

From left to right: Janet with Paris, Greg with Salsa, Geoff with Sweetie and Sandy, Arielle with River and Albert with Pepper and Koko