A puppy in a hand

A newborn puppy

“Having a dog connects you to a different kind of life, one that is becoming increasingly foreign as we find ourselves living more and more of our lives through computers. It’s a life of unqualified love, real and furry and right in front of you. It’s a life where the most important things are family and food. It’s a life that doesn’t care about what’s on a screen, but what smells, sights and sounds are all around you, all the time. A dog makes you appreciate these things and brings them into sharper, clearer focus. And on top of all that, this is a dog that showed up in my life and basically started taking care of me, showing me how much I had been forgetting about the simpler pleasures of life. And showing me how totally awesome fetching is.

I am endlessly grateful to you two for letting me have such a magical critter.”

~ Webster Marquez, winemaker, Sonoma County, California